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Search by cases/use/purpose

Magazine stick

Align/protect parts
Increase production efficiency/transport efficiency

Chemical Products

Make the print board moisture proof, dust proof, and antifouling
Make something gas resistant, oil resistant, and salt damage-resistant
Looking for a coating agent that can be applied thickly
Use a water-type cleaning agent for chip adhesive of non-dangerous materials
Need an abundance of coating agents that satisfy the product specifications of my company

Products list

Chemical Group

Insulating moistureproof coating Seal-glo Comformal
coating series
Coatig agent of moistureproof and protection for PCB.
Seal-glo UV Comformal coating
Coatig agent of moistureproof and protection for PCB
Adhesive for Chip devices Seal-glo NE series
Adhesive for temporary chip-bonding
Underfill agent Seal-glo UF series
Secondary-underfill for BGA/CSP
Adheshive for heat sensitive devices Seal-glo LTG series
One-component thermosetting epoxy adhesive developed
for fixation of LED backlight lens
Water based cleaner for adhesive Seal-glo RED Cleaner
RED Cleaner is a cleaner for Seal-glo chip adhesive

Resin Group

Magazine stick
For automatic insertion machine, mounter, baking semiconductors, aligning components and transportation between the stage of the process

Tape Products

Splicing tape
Splicing tape for connecting carrier tape

Pazzle Spliser
8mm width carrier tape cutting jig
Tape products
SMT Sealing tape
Temporary fixing tape to prevent component drop out
Chip tack tape
Double-faced adhesive tape for a demonstration of mounting chip components
Tape stopper for magazine stick